Yoga Ventures

Meaningful Adventures

Want to make a meaningful impact, enjoy yoga and explore destinations worldwide? Join Lisa on a YogaVentures Retreat and enjoy Intimate Cultural Experiences, Epic Adventures and Rewarding Service Opportunities. YogaVentures offers nationwide and global adventures for yoga practitioners to explore the planet and embark upon new experiences, all while contributing responsibly. From building an orphanage, school and medical clinic in Haiti, to releasing sea turtles in Mexico, to painting murals at Children’s schools in South Africa and Guatemala, she provides a variety of opportunities for you to give back in tangible, heartfelt ways.

On a YogaVentures Retreat, enjoy the trip of a lifetime, make lifelong friends, volunteer and contribute responsibly and celebrate your wellbeing. Delight in intimate cultural experiences and witness unique rituals firsthand with locals in an authentic way.

For more information and to sign up for one of Lisa’s upcoming adventures,
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Upcoming 2017 YogaVentures Retreats led by Lisa include: Enjoy intimate cultural & wellbeing journeys to Iceland, Haiti, India, as well as local Bay Area retreats within the state of California. Please check out for more information.

Inspired by our love of travel, wellbeing and making a difference in the world, Lisa created YogaVentures.

  • We offer global adventures for yoga practitioners to explore the planet and embark upon new experiences as we contribute responsibly.
  • We volunteer and contribute responsibly, prioritizing service as a key component during our YogaVentures Retreats!
  • We firmly believe that world travel and yoga have the power to transform.

Exploring new cultures and countries allows us to open our minds and hearts with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper understanding of our global community.


Misha Collins, TV Celebrity
“Being an ambassador on a Yogaventures Trip was exceptional, from start to finish. Lisa wants everybody involved to have the most rewarding experiences, and caters to every detail. Working with Lisa was a pleasure. From memorizing the 25 participant’s names within the first 10 minutes of our trip, to catering to everybody’s food allergies and running a adventures trip, I highly recommend Lisa to organize a trip for you.”
Misha Collins, TV Celebrity