Lisa is a widely sought after speaker at conferences, professional organizations, corporations and events. She is known for her joyful, insightful and inspiring speaking style. She expertly weaves together her unique personal experiences with motivational points and interactive exercises to deliver heartfelt and transformative presentations. Her talks focus on practical life skills and tangible tools to implement them. If you are looking for someone to get your audience or team energized, motivated and ready to enrich their lives, then Lisa is the perfect speaker for your event. Lisa delivers powerful messages with tangible, easy-to-implement changes.

With a background in wellness, humanitarian work and the CEO/Founder of 3 businesses, Lisa’s talks cover a wide variety of issues and topics, with an emphasis on self-care and how best to cultivate clarity and insight in every aspect of your life.

Lisa’s Presentations Include

How to Turn Impossible into I’m Possible

We each have our own inner spark and life purpose, yet often get drowned out by our inner critic and limited beliefs. During this talk, the audience will be invited to get out of their head and seats and into their hearts and potential. Through inner reflection, moving meditation and creative expression, the audience will be guided to tap into and leverage their unique abilities and passions. We will focus on honing powerful decision-making qualities: such as feeling grounded, focused and creative. We will then explore how we can amplify these qualities to serve our highest purpose.

Spark Your Superpower

What ignites your soul? If you could do anything in the world, what would it be? How can we utilize this present moment to hone in on the legacy you are meant to live. This talk utilizes Lisa’s powerful storytelling to empower the audience with their own inherent resilience. This presentation includes a powerpoint of Lisa’s personal journey into interactive tailor-made Sparked exercises for the Audience toand covers topics related to inspiration, motivation and action.

Spark Your Superpower
From Burnt Out to Blissed Out
From Burnt Out to Blissed Out

This talk is designed to empower the audience to do something with that feeling tugging at their hearts. Lisa will offer practical and inspirational tools to help the audience “Take That First Step” in the direction of living a life filled with Purpose and Passion. From her own life experiences that have been filled with unprecedented opportunities, passion and purpose, she will build on ways for you to transform your life into feeling purpose and passion every single day.

Anyone Can Be A Philanthropist

Anyone can become a Philanthropist at any age, with little money and equipped with something as simple as a jump rope! The etymology of Philanthropy is the “love of humanity”. From what I’ve personally witnessed in the last ten years, we each have the ability and opportunity to be great lovers of humanity and contribute in meaningful ways everyday. By taking that first step, and focusing on what breaks your heart open, that is where you find your true passion. Martin Luther King, Jr said: “Everybody can be great because anybody can serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.” We will focus on the audience and what they individually wish to accomplish and how to take tangible action steps to create your own living legacy.

Anyone Can Be A Philanthropist

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    CEO and Founder of The Hivery

    “Lisa is a fantastic leader and speaker. She flawlessly unifies a group and brings people together in a positive and “sparkly” way. She is a wonderful communicator, facilitator, and innovator. Lisa has led multiple groups of women at The Hivery, often with women who don’t know each other, and the events always end in laughter, connection, and positivity. She is an expert at setting the tone for an event and creating a feeling of inclusion and warmth.”

    Grace Kraaijvanger, CEO and Founder of The Hivery