Lisa Rueff Speaker
Lisa Rueff Speaker

Lisa Rueff

Lisa Rueff is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who loves creating ways to connect and empower people to their highest potential, purpose and passions.


Lisa is a sought after speaker at events, conferences, organizations and companies- known for her insightful, transformative talks.

Lisa Rueff Speaker


Lisa Rueff is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who has accomplished more in the last 5 years than most people do in a lifetime...

Lisa Rueff Speaker


Join Lisa on a YogaVentures Retreat and enjoy Intimate Cultural Experiences, Epic Adventures and Rewarding Service Opportunities.

Lisa Rueff Speaker

Between Lisa’s Humanitarian YogaVentures Retreats, her Philanthropic endeavors building an orphanage and school in Haiti, creating a revolutionary new board game Sparked, working with Sir Richard Branson, Musician Michael Franti and many other one-of-a-kind endeavors, Lisa’s speaking engagements and keynote presentations will keep your audience surprised, entertained, inspired and motivated beyond words.


CEO and Founder of The Hivery

“Lisa is a SPARK in life! Lisa has a charm in how she delivers her message to inspire women to connect at a much deeper level. She inspires. She encourages. She creates a high level of trust. And her passion and energy is absolutely contagious. She is a dynamic asset to any group, team, or group of women she engages.” And her game Sparked is a reflection of just that– She has intertwined her passion, experience, insight and journey through life into a fun, interactive and thought provoking game.”

Piper Abodeely, MA, PCC, G3 Women’s Conference